Selected Online Work

AGFA, Ran Off With the Star Bassoon

Confession with Purple Asters, Tiny Seed Journal

Wanted, Guesthouse

View to the Back, The Night Heron Barks

At Yonkers, Gyroscope Review

An Accident in Thuringia, The Night Heron Barks

Winter Wheels, Gyroscope Review

Actias Luna, Tiny Seed Journal

Four Poems, Peacock Journal

After Storm Warnings, Fogged Clarity

Two Poems, DIAGRAM

Selected Print Work

I Wanna be Loved By You, anthology, Milk & Cake Press
“Blonde A – Z”

Womens’ Review of Books
“Mother and Father Taken Outside the Charité”
“Cloth of Gold”

2 Horatio

“Adam and Little Eve”
“A Lament for the End of the Earth and Love”
“The Morning After Summer”
“Equinox in a Border County”
“Forest Succession”
“In Queen-of-Night Clothes” 

Maine Review
“Deer Signs”

Valley Voices
“Mother-and-Child Passport”
“Nothing to Declare”  

Stone Canoe
“Let My People”

Main Street Rag
“Turns in the Kitchen”

Barrow Street
from “7 Preludes”